Ministry of Space (Ministarstvo prostora) is a do-thank that connects social activist, socially engaged artists, architects and citizens by organizing platforms aimed at researching and conducting socially engaged campaigns focused on issues of urban development and urban resources management. It also explores possibilities of art as a medium to raise public awareness and contribute to finding solutions regarding important social issues and to mobilize citizens to get involved in building a just society.

Members of Ministry of Space come from various academic backgrounds: architecture, political science, anthropology, construction engineering, etc. In our work, we very often partner with similar initiatives and academic community, for instance Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Political Science, Faculty of media and communication.

Some of the most recognizable activities of Ministry of Space so far have been:

• Expedition Inex Film: do-it-yourself action of turning abandoned building into a space for work and cultural production and presentation for numerous groups and individuals.

• Cinema: “The Written Offs Return”: a campaign to turn public attention to dubious privatization of a large number of cinemas which have resulted in their closing and lack of cultural spaces.

• Street Gallery: a pioneer venture of reconstructing and reviving ruined public spaces in an open art gallery.

• Spatial Network: network of groups advocating for the re-use of public spaces, neglected and abandoned spaces and not properly utilized public places as prerequisite for satisfaction of local social and cultural needs.

• web portal which seeks to improve accessibility of information regarding new plans of detailed regulations and construction projects and provide a space for debate among interested citizens.

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